Goat Patty's New Shoes

Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpesvirus (EEHV) Lab

Culture Pass and Family Access Membership

Frankie the Elephant's First Year

Cheetah Cubs Make History

New Adult Changing Station 

Sustainable Palm Oil

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Columbus Zoo Family of Parks 2021 Highlights 

Dill Prickle the Pufferfish

Frankie the Elephant 6 Month Update

World Turtle Day

Asia Quest Mixed Species Habitat

Norval & Sunshine Sea Lion pups Update

Jack Hanna’s Top 10 Moments

Manatee's Squirrel and Stubby

Polar Bear Cub Update

Baby Gorilla Zahra update

The polar bear cubs, Amelia Gray and twins Nuniq and Neva

Bon Voyage, Nora! 

Meet Nora's, "Moms"


Columbus Zoo - Wildest Dream

How to Save the Planet at Home

I created this video series wanting to discuss human-made issues that are affecting the wildlife around the world,  all the while giving viewers simple at-home solutions to tackle these obstacles! 

Illegal Wildlife Trade

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint


How to Save the Planet at Home Trailer

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Seafood Watch Guide

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Human-Wildlife Coexistence

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Local Waterways

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Plastic Free July

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Heritage Breeds

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